Very caring and patient workers

Ann Sadiq

Angelic Elderly Care came into our lives at our time when our mother was becoming increasingly restless and anxious due to developing dementia. Her need to keep shifting from chair to walker and back to chair was putting her in danger of falls. It was clear she needed more attention than what the assisted living facility could offer – she needed a constant companion to keep her safe, to re-direct her when she became anxious, to help her eat well and attend activities. The wonderful aides of Angelic Elderly Care did just that and more. Mom instantly had a friend upon whom she could rely and they quickly established a routine that eased Mom’s anxiety. They were there to encourage Mom’s exercise and activities, to read with her, converse with her, and even sing with her! And, they were there in the wee hours of the night when Mom would wake up and want to talk. They have the infinite patience so greatly required of a caregiver.

Our family is very attentive to Mom’s needs and between all her children she has many family visits during the week – but even we couldn’t be the constant companion that her situation required. We are all so grateful for the caregivers of Angelic Elderly Care and we give them our highest recommendation.

Jill C

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