Joy took care of my elderly mother recently. I was so impressed with the quality of the care and service she provided to my mom. She made my mom comfortable and safe during a stressful time. She was responsible and responsive throughout our working relationship. I would highly recommend Angelic Elderly Care and would use Joy again should the need arise for my mom's care.

Cindy Vallar

Stamford, CT

Joy and Angelic Elderly Care were recommended to me by the head of nursing at a very reputable assisted living place. Great recommendation! We've been very pleased with the high quality, personable care, knowledge of how to work with someone with Alzheimer's, patience and dependability.

Sandy Menendez

Stamford, CT

My family and I highly recommend Joy Robertson and her agency Angelic Elderly Care for anyone seeking a professional caregiver for a loved one. Joy and her staff cared for my 98 year old mother in law who passed away in January 2019. Joy and her caregivers worked tirelessly to be sure her last stage of life was the best that it could possibly be for her. Joy's agency stood out to our family because Joy herself is an experienced caregiver, not just a business person managing others. Joy is a "hands on" health care manager. Joy takes the time to assess her clients and their needs by "being there" for the client and their family as well as for her staff of caregivers. If we had a concern, Joy promptly responded to us and went out of her way several times to do what was best for my mother in law. Joy researches diligently to find the right "match" between each client and their caregivers. Joy is passionate about her work; her concern and care for her clients is genuine and from the heart. Joy helped to ease the many challenges of caring for our loved one - not only physical but social and emotional needs as well. We are very thankful to Joy and all at her agency for their professionalism and dedication.

Cathy D.

Stamford, CT

Very caring and patient workers

Ann Sadiq

Angelic Elderly Care came into our lives at our time when our mother was becoming increasingly restless and anxious due to developing dementia. Her need to keep shifting from chair to walker and back to chair was putting her in danger of falls. It was clear she needed more attention than what the assisted living facility could offer - she needed a constant companion to keep her safe, to re-direct her when she became anxious, to help her eat well and attend activities. The wonderful aides of Angelic Elderly Care did just that and more. Mom instantly had a friend upon whom she could rely and they quickly established a routine that eased Mom's anxiety. They were there to encourage Mom's exercise and activities, to read with her, converse with her, and even sing with her! And, they were there in the wee hours of the night when Mom would wake up and want to talk. They have the infinite patience so greatly required of a caregiver.

Our family is very attentive to Mom's needs and between all her children she has many family visits during the week - but even we couldn't be the constant companion that her situation required. We are all so grateful for the caregivers of Angelic Elderly Care and we give them our highest recommendation.

Jill C

Stamford, CT

I am pleased to provide the support and recommendation of my family to anyone considering the services of Joy Keitt and her professional colleagues. We met Joy in 2016 through the introduction of a close friend whose mother had been under Joy's care toward the end of her life. Joy lived up to every element of the high recommendation our friend had provided.

We employed Joy for a period of approximately two years leading to my mother's passing in February 2018. My mother suffered from early stage dementia while continuing, per her strong wishes, to live in her home alone as a widow. Joy and her team provided wonderful daily support that was caring, sensitive, experienced and professional.

Joy and her colleagues provided invaluable support to our family under difficult circumstances we were ill equipped to self navigate. Any family confronting similar circumstances should have great confidence in Joy's capabilities and services.

Whitney W.

Stamford, CT

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